Are you planning to get shoulder, hip, knee or ankle arthritis treated with stem cells therapy? You must be wondering how to find the legitimate stem cell clinic? How to check the skills and qualification level of doctor? How much experience they have?

Here, we have made a list of points you need to evaluate to find the right and the best stem cells clinic.

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  • Experience

Experience matters a lot in the field of medicine. With more experienced doctors, there is higher success rate with lower complication. Ask the clinic how from long they are practicing stem cells therapy and how many procedures they have performed.

  • Research

Do some digging about the reputation of your stem cells clinic. Find out if there is any complaint or negative feedback. Are previous customers happy with the treatment they received? You can even meet or call the clinic’s old patient that had same treatment that you are opting for to learn about the results and complications of the treatment.

  • Physician Specialty

An untrained plastic surgeon or normal doctor can’t perform stem cells therapy with proper efficiency. Doctor with a specialty in this field are specially trained to perform the particular treatment considering all the aspects, they know how to handle things properly if there will be any complications. Check that the doctor, who will give you a treatment has a specialty in this particular field and also had performed many successful treatments in the past.

  • Cell Source

It is important to learn about the location from where stem cells will be harvested. Cell source can highly affect the outcome of the procedure. Ask your doctor about the stem cell location and then do some research (ask your family doctor) if that cell source is best for the treatment of your particular disease.

  • Harvesting Technique

The harvesting technique can impact that viability of the stem cells. Select the clinic that uses imaging guidance (fluoroscopy or ultrasound) to harvest the cells. Also, make sure the clinic has an efficient cell biology lab to check the viability of the cells samples doctors have harvested.

  • Placement of stem cell

So far you have learned that the cell location and harvesting technique is very critical for the success of the treatment. Similarly, next important step is how viable the harvested stem cells are replaced in the patient’s body. Sometimes, cell placement needs utmost attention for minute details, so that stem cells are placed into the specific affected or damaged area.

For such cases, it is very important that the clinic has proper functioning fluoroscopy or ultrasound imaging equipment to guide the doctor towards the right spot for the placement of replacement cells.

Lastly, do not forget to check that the clinic takes proper care and recommend right medications to the patient after stem cells therapy treatment.