One of the most durable materials known to man is quartz. While it has not always been considered to be valuable, it is now the preferred choice for builders and artists.

One of the reasons that has stopped people from working with the mineral is its extreme durability. Quartz is extremely difficult to quarry and even after it is taken out of the ground, cutting quartz slabs requires the use of industrial power tools. The recent advancements in technology have made the needed tools more affordable, and as a result more people have started working with the material.

One material with nearly endless uses

Quartz is currently used in a variety of industries. It is shaped into gemstones and put into jewelry, it is cut into various thicknesses in order to make tiles or countertops. It is even used in the making of gravestones due to its extremely high durability.

quartz countertop kitchen

While not the only material that has this kind of density, it does have a few advantages over its competitors. Unlike granite, quartz does not have to be sealed and will not erode if left in the rain for a few years. Also, it is a bit stronger, making it perfect for any kind of garden or outside structure.

More common uses include, but are not limited to, stairs, watches and even fireplaces. The material can withstand the elements without problems and it does not require any kind of maintenance other than a bit of periodical cleaning in order to keep its shine.

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