Death is the harsh reality of life. Some people suffer from a terminal illness which makes their journey towards death very painful. Terminal Illness Care provided to such patients helps them to lead their life with peace and stoicism. It is very important that adequate care should be taken of such patients with compassion and empathy.

In the current times, there are many organizations such as Shiloh Hospice providing Terminal Illness Care around Illinois to patients battling with life-long diseases.

Principles of Terminal Illness Care

Care and Compassion: The first and the most important principle of terminal illness care is a caring attitude towards the patient. The patient should be treated with compassion and empathy. He should not only be given medical treatment but comprehensive care should be taken of his well being.

Individuality: It is important to understand that each individual is different. Though the symptoms and the problems of a disease may be the same, the willpower, stamina, and mental health of different patients would be different. So, each patient should be taken care of keeping in mind their individual personalities.

Consent: While providing terminal Illness care, you should take the consent of the patient before giving any treatment. The patients feel a part of the process and co-operate better if you involve them in your decisions regarding their treatment.

Communication: It is crucial to communicate with the patient and establish a bond with them. If you discuss their health and the progress with the patient’s families, they are able to understand better and act accordingly.