Types Of Pencil Boxes For Kids

If your kid is about to start school, you will have to prepare a lot of things like their dress, books, shoes and stationery products. This can be a hectic task as you will have to find things that look attractive and are also durable. “Pencil box is one of the most important stationery products as it stores all the writing materials like erasers, pencils and sharpeners at one place. Usually, people buy plastic pencil box as they are cheap as well as moderately durable. Huge variety of pencil boxes are now available online at Smudge Stationery at affordable prices.” said a representative from the online stationery shop.

The following are some other types of pencil boxes that are very popular among kids.

1) Hardtop pencil box

These are the most popular types of pencil boxes used by kids of all ages. Hardtop pencil cases have a soft touch finish all around and a hard shell type material on the top and bottom. The soft touch provides a better grip and the hardtop material prevents the materials inside from getting damaged. These are also quite cheap to avail, depending on the quality of the material used and they also come in various designs and shapes.

2) Wooden pencil cases

As the name suggests, these pencil cases are made out of high durability wood and are considered to be very strong. One of the main advantages of these cases is that they are heavily customizable as you can draw and paint anything on wood, over and over again. They come in various sizes and color finishes and you can choose whatever you think is right for your kids. They provide an elegant look and can be availed for affordable prices depending on the wood used to make it.