Caring Tips For Your Leather Furniture

Leather is getting increasingly popular in the furniture industry of Bristol due to its durability and sturdy nature. You can find plenty of home furniture made of leather such as sofa, bar stools, etc. But the thing is to ensure the long life of your leather furniture. For this, you need to take good care and treat it as the softest material. Wiping your leather furniture with a soft cloth is one thing to keep it clean. In case, there is any kind of spill on your bar stool, you need to be extra careful while cleaning your leather bar stools in Bristol.

Caring tips for your leather furniture

Apply alcohol or nail polish remover – To remove ink marks or spills from the leather surface, dip a soft cloth in a nail polish remover or alcohol and rub it gently on the particular area. This will help in removing ink spills easily without damaging the layer of leather. Once the stain gets removed clean the area with a solution of warm water and dish soap. After that, wipe the extra water with a clean cotton cloth. Do not keep your furniture wet for a longer period.

Cornstarch and baking soda – If there are oil or grease marks on your furniture then treat it by sprinkling the baking soda or cornstarch on that particular area. Leave it for a few hours or overnight, this will allow the soda and starch to absorb the oil. In the morning, wipe the surface with a soft cloth and gentle hands to see the result