The advantages of a facial are many. It gives relaxation to the tired facial muscles, prevents aging signs, combat skin problems, and adds shine and life to it and much more. A facial is a common recommendation for people after the age of 30. This is because the skin tends to lose its flexibility, elasticity and natural moisture after this age. The facial is one of those natural and safe ways to protect it nourish it and keep it in the best state always. Our expert from Haven Beauty Leeds speak about some toxin-free ingredients :

Dermalogica is one such skin care brand where you can find a premium selection of superior quality, safe, reliable and skin-friendly products to treat your skin in the best way. All of their skin care products are completely non-toxic and made up of natural ingredients that make it safe for regular use. Also, the beneficial action of these products assures of the improvement of skin health over time.

Dermalogica selects only those ingredients that are non-comedogenic and obtained from eco-safe means. They are packaged in recyclable containers. Skin vitalizing products offered by them are enriched with best quality natural extracts, essential oils, natural calming and purifying agents like green clay, exfoliating rice bran, balm mint, lactic acid, fruit enzymes and salicylic acid.

A wide range of products to suit everyone’s need

You can find an exquisite range of skin care products for men as well as women. They are made for all types of skin. Based on the preference, one can choose from creams to lotions, or face masks or gels and achieve the same healthy and dazzling skin.

Valuable advice from experts

Along with the best quality products, users are surely going to benefit from their expert advice via a face mapping feature available on their website. With the help of this useful feature, skin experts can solve different types of skin problems of people and advise them the right skin care product.

This facial is indeed different from other commonly used facial treatments. Undergoing this facial treatment, you will notice wonderful improvement and maintenance of the health of the skin, which is otherwise not possible with other skin care treatments.